Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Dept. of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics]

Teaching Statement

Teaching provides an opportunity to foster critical thinking in a systematic and formal manner, and I enjoy doing it. It educates people and gives them the tools to excel and achieve professional goals. Teaching is a way I can contribute to diversity and equality, because teaching can help men and women, people of many generations, people from economically ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds, to contribute to their society. Teaching a class, or mentoring an undergraduate or graduate student, has mutual benefits – both to the student and to the teacher.

Currently, I am teaching

Environmental Economics (11.373.363)

In the past I have taught several courses in various capacities.

I have taught core economic courses such as:
• Environmental Economics,
• microeconomics,
• macroeconomics, and
• industrial organization
at the undergraduate level

I have also taught:
• international trade and
• industrial organization
at the graduate level,

as well as introductory courses such as
• microeconomics and
• macroeconomics
to MBA students.

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